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20th March, 2018
An interpretation of medical report of the death of former Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri

Dr KK Aggarwal, Recipient of Padma Shri

The death of former Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, who passed away in Tashkent, then the Soviet Union on January 11, 1966 has always been surrounded by mystery and there are several conspiracy theories about his death.

Now 52 years after his death, the medical report of his death was revealed by the Govt. in reply to an RTI filed on 24.12.2017. The RTI had asked for information on the true cause/s of the death of the prime minister and asked for a certified copy of the postmortem conducted in the USSR/India. This information was provided in a reply dated 19.1.2018. The report is available at:..... read more

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Top News

UN launches the Sendai Framework Monitor to collect new global on disaster losses

Early this month, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) began a historic new effort to collect comprehensive global data on disaster losses, when the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction – the first major agreement of the post-2015 development agenda – launched its online tool: The Sendai Framework Monitor. This tool captures data on the achievement of the Framework’s five targets of reducing mortality from disasters;.... read more

Breaking News

Few hours participation in Mahapanchayat, on 25th , can make the Indian Medical Profession strongest in the World

On 25th March Indian Medical Association is organising a Mahapanchayat at Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi, 10 am to 2PM on issues ailing the medical profession with focus on NMC..... read more

Gamed via gazette: 500 quacks, no doctors

CHENNAI: Practitioners of alternative medicine other than Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy are not authorised to call themselves doctors or prescribe medicines but an unrecognised panel — National Board of Alternative Medicine— has used state machinery to obtain legal sanctity for hundreds of illegal physicians..... read more

Practice Updates

Low-calorie sweeteners may increase risk of diabetes in overweight persons

Chicago, IL - Consumption of low-calorie sweeteners could promote metabolic syndrome and predispose people to prediabetes and diabetes, especially in obese individuals with obesity, according to the results of a new study on human fat-derived stem cells and fat samples presented March 18,.... read more

HeartMate 3 heart pump reduces device clotting in heart failure patients

At two years of follow-up, severely ill patients with advanced heart failure who received HeartMate 3, a new heart pump fully implantable within the chest experienced no malfunctions requiring replacement or removal of the device for blood clotting, according to research presented March 11,..... read more

Platelet count does not predict bleeding in patients with cirrhosis

Platelet count does not predict unprovoked major or minor bleeding in cirrhotic patients, according to results from the PRO-LIVER study published in the March 2018 issue of the American Journal of Gastroenterology..... read more

Mediterranean diet improves muscle mass and bone density in postmenopausal women

Postmenopausal women who adhered to a Mediterranean diet had higher bone mass and muscle mass compared to those who did not, as per findings of a study presented at ENDO 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. Mediterranean diet is high intake of fruits and vegetables, grains, potatoes, olive oil and seeds;.... read more

Geniculate artery embolization shows promising results in knee osteoarthritis

A study presented at the ongoing annual Society of Interventional Radiology conference in Los Angeles, California has shown that patients with knee osteoarthritis reported decreased pain and stiffness and improved physical function one month after geniculate artery embolization...... read more

Sedative may prevent delirium in critically ill patients

A low dose of the sedative dexmedetomidine given at night may prevent delirium in critically ill patients, according to new research published online March 2, 2018 in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Patients spent more days free of delirium in the ICU (8 vs 6 days) and also were less likely,.... read more

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Lifestyle Updates
Inspirational Story 1: Laughter is the Best Medicine
Inspirational Story 2: The Three Dolls
Fasting can accrue health benefits when done right
HCFI wishes all readers a happy Chaitra Navratri; everyone should follow some fasting tips
New Delhi, 19th March 2018: Studies indicate that intermittent fasting can help in improving a person’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and insulin sensitivity. It has also been found that longer periods of fasting (2 to 4 days) aids in rebooting the immune system, clearing out old immune cells, and regenerating new ones.

Chaitra or Basant Navratri is observed at the start of the summer for preparing the body to tolerate summer. Fasting in an integral aspect of this festival in India, making Navratri a process of detoxifying the body, mind, and soul. Some fast for religious reasons, and others do it to cut back on unwanted calories and lose weight.

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