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11th November, 2017
What can we do to control Antibiotic resistance?
Draft for ‘Indian Medical Association (IMA) Policy on Use of Antibiotics’ to be discussed at the Antimicrobial Resistance Conference supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) on November 11, 2017
Following are the issues to be discussed today to finalize and formulate IMA Policy with regard to use of antibiotics in order to control antibiotic resistance.
  • Antibiotic consent:Patients often demand antibiotics even when the doctor thinks it is unnecessary. ‘Antibiotic consent’ should be a part of the informed consent process, so that the patient is aware of the benefits and risks of antibiotics.
  • If you have prescribed antibiotics, put the name of the antibiotic in a box/underline it, so that patient can identify the antibiotic in his/her prescription
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Lessons must be learnt from past experiences for reaching the target of 90% immunization coverage by 2018
Full immunization against preventable childhood diseases is the right of every child
New Delhi, 10 November 2017: About five lakh children die in India every year due to vaccine preventable diseases. Another 89 lakh children are at risk due to incomplete or absent vaccination, according to statistics. The Universal Immunization Programme or UIP was relaunched in the year 2014 as ‘Mission Indradhanush’. The target was to achieve 90% immunization coverage by 2020, which has recently been changed to 2018 by the hon’ble Prime Minister.
One of the world’s largest health programmes, Mission Indradhanush believes that full immunization against preventable childhood diseases is every child’s right. Under this mission, vaccines against 12 vaccine-preventable diseases are provided to children and pregnant women.
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