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Physical abuse and sexual abuse

Be Human Stop Child Abuse (http://behumanstopchildabuse.emedinews.in/) (Team IMA for CMAAO) Physical abuse invariably involves injury or trauma. Sexual abuse is defined as attempted sexual touching of another person without their consent and includes sexual act (rape, sodomy – oral genital and anal genital contact) or fondling. The generally accepted definition is when one engages in …

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Childhood sexual abuse and adult developmental outcomes: Findings from a 30-year longitudinal study in New Zealand.

Childhood sexual abuse CSA is a traumatic childhood life event in which the negative consequences increase with increasing severity of abuse. CSA adversely influences a number of adult developmental outcomes that span: mental disorders, psychological wellbeing, sexual risk-taking, physical health and socioeconomic wellbeing. While the individual effect sizes for CSA typically range from small to …

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All about child sexual abuse

Sexual abuse occurs primarily in preadolescent children. It’s more often in girls. Perpetrators are usually males. They are known to the victims. Most of the complaints that are possible indicators of sexual abuse are nonspecific.