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In children who experienced out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

In children who experienced out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, survival and cognitive outcomes were not significantly better with therapeutic hypothermia than with normothermia, suggested new research presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2015 Annual Meeting.


Do not ignore warning signals

Often people ignore warning signals and do not address them until they fall ill, often with grave consequences. Here are certain rules that you should follow.   Never ignore any symptom or sign, which has occurred for the first time, unexplained or unusual. If you run and then get exhausted, this exhaustion is understandable. But …

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How to recognize cardiac arrest

Rapid recognition of cardiac arrest is the essential first step of successful CPR 10. As per Guidelines, the lay rescuer who witnesses a person collapse or comes across an apparently unresponsive person should confirm unresponsiveness by tapping the person on the shoulder and shouting: “are you all right?” If the person does not respond, the …

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