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The findings are published in JAMA Pediatrics

A new study links family problems and other early life adversity to variation in brain structure in late adolescence and an increased risk for depression and anxiety among boys. The findings are published in JAMA Pediatrics.


Anxiety in epilepsy linked to volumetric brain changes

Children with concurrent epilepsy and anxiety have volumetric brain changes similar to those observed in nonepileptic patients with anxiety, new research shows. (Source: Medscape)


26% doctors suffer from severe mobile phone-induced anxiety: Excessive use of mobile phone can be injurious to your health

While people are concerned about cancer, which still remains a controversial issue, there are other future health problems caused by use of mobile phones especially smart phones. Prolonged use of mobile phone can cause neck pain, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, anxiety (ringxiety), phobias (nomophobia) and insomnia. Addressing a press conference on the occasion of World …

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