Preventing suicides in film industry

Jiah Khan’s death has sparked a debate on “how suicides in film fraternity can be prevented?

Our survey has shown that at the same level of stress, suicides are more common in film industry compared to the equally glamorous IPL.

Similarly, there are more suicides in the medical profession than in the nursing profession.

In every high risk profession, one should look for people who are depressed and risk factors for suicides. They are

        Presence of depression

        Presence of hopelessness

        Prior suicidal attempts

        Prior suicidal threats

        High impulsivity

        Indulgence in alcohol

        Indulgence in smoking

        Indulgence in substance abuse

        Presence of suicidal ideation and intent

Hopelessness is 1.3 times more important than depression in suicidal ideation. It may mediate relationship between low self esteem, mental illness, interpersonal loss and suicides.

Impulsivity, particularly amongst adolescents and younger adults is also associated with suicidal thoughts and combination of hopelessness, impulsivity and disinhibition due to substance abuse are the main culprits.